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Susan Thomson
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What Our Clients Are Saying…

“I began working with ActionCOACH to help me refine and implement our business plan. Cartridge World- Middleton was a start-up franchise. Two years later, we acquired another business and doubled in size.”
– Bill Fox, Owner, Cartridge World



"Working with Susan Thomson and ActionCOACH over the past year, I have TRIPLED both revenues and profits for my writing and editing business! Susan’s spot-on advice on everything from creating business systems to handling challenges with clients has been at the source of much of my company’s growth. In particular, her coaching was responsible for my retaining two key accounts that could easily have been lost if I had handled them differently. I hired ActionCOACH on the recommendation of several successful business owners in Madison, and I can say with confidence that if you are shopping around for a business coach, you need look no further!"
– Brenda Bernstein, Founder and Senior Editor, The Essay Expert



“Working with ActionCOACH has been one of the most important and valuable business decisions I’ve made since starting my design firm 10 years ago. Our profits are up just under 10%, and that’s including expanding my team by 30%!”
Tara Ingalls, Owner, Tingalls Dzyn

“Thanks to the tools and resources from my coach, my business has been growing steadily.  I have begun working toward building a scalable business, I just hired full time manager, and we’re up 26% and still growing!”
– Rachel Rasmussen, Owner & Founder, Rescue Desk LLC

“When I started with ActionCOACH, I was losing hope for the future of a world-renowned clinic that started in 1923. After just four months of coaching, we had a 5-figure reduction in A/R, and a big increase in our average sales per client.”
– Dianne Gordon, Practice Director, Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic

 “I am experienced veterinarian who started my own practice several years ago. I have been working with ActionCOACH for 2 ½ years – they have given me great accountability, acted as sounding board, reassured me when appropriate and given me a swift kick when needed, also. I’m paying myself a salary, and business continues to grow at a manageable pace each month – up 15% to date.”
– Dr. Lisa DeMumbrum-Lee, D.V.M., Paws N Claws Mobile Veterinary Service

“Accountability was the chief factor that we were lacking prior to ActionCOACH. We didn’t know what we were doing week to week and had gotten to a point where we were barely treading water with the sharks circling. Now important things are not overlooked, and we constantly chip away at the critical, 10,000 foot view of the building the business. We actually have fun again – my team is (now) phenomenal, and our profits are up 28%!”
– Connie Nadler, Director, Learning Rx South Central Wisconsin



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