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6 Benefits of Working with Susan Thomson as Your Business or Executive Coach

1. Strong Business Improvement Background.  I’m a former CEO and business owner myself, having spent 23 years successfully growing businesses here in Madison, Wisconsin and around the country.  I have a long history of turning money losing organizations and teams into profitable, growth ventures. I’ve searched for business advice and never really found the kind of support that I needed.  Now, I work with business owners and executives to improve results in cash flow, profits, sales & marketing, branding and product development, operations, customer loyalty, employee hiring and retention, team building, time management, and creating and implementing business systems for efficiency and repeatability.     

2.  Growth Mindset.  You can’t make successful decisions about growth from a mental position of defense, or fear of where the economy is headed.  I will help you not only understand where your focus needs to be, but will keep you positioned for taking control and continually seeking success.  This is one of the most powerful strategies we teach, and I’ll help you teach it to your employees as well.

3.  Cash Flow.  I will help you identify and learn the easiest and fastest ways to improve cash flow in your business, using ActionCOACH’s proven systems and tools.  These tools have been in use for 17 years now, in 29 countries – they are proven, and they work.

4.  Breakthrough Results.  I’ll teach you to work more efficiently, save time and get better results… last year our client portfolio was up 50.3% revenues and 185% in profits.  What would a 185% improvement in profit look like in your company?

5.  Effective & Loyal Teams.  I used to have the mindset that I would never ask my employees to do anything I wasn’t willing to do.  Then I took over an Research &Development at Fiskars, which was filled with engineers and designers – my education is in marketing.  I couldn’t sit down at their computer screens and "do" what I was asking them to do.  So I got really skilled at learning how to motivate employees by helping them grow, develop, and produce results they didn’t know they were capable of.  I can help you do that too.  I’ll also introduce you to an effective team recruitment system that brings you the right team members in the first place. 

6.  You’ll see your dreams, goals, hopes and desires become a reality through business growth.  My firm has helped many, many local business owners reach their goals and push those goals even higher with our mentoring programs.  We’re successful because our clients are successful – it’s as simple as that.


Could You Benefit From Working With a Business or Executive Coach?

  • Is your business generating the kind of return that you expect, or did you expect more?
  • Are you growing fast, and not sure you have the systems or people to handle the growth? 
  • Are you planning on exiting (retiring, selling, passing down) the business within 5 years?
  • Could members of your management team benefit from executive coaching to improve their development and performance?
  • Is your team prepared to lead in this type of economy, or are you concerned about that?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help.  Thousands of business owners have taken the steps to realize their business dreams, and tapped into the knowledge, experience and resources of certified ActionCOACH business coaches. 

ActionCOACH has retained its top rank (Entrepreneur Magazine, 2005-2011) as the #1 Business Coaching and Consulting Firm in the World, and is also the recipient of the Top International Business Award (Stevies Award 2007-2011) for the world’s biggest business coaching organization.  My name is Susan Thomson and I am a certified business coach through the International Business Coaching Institute and ActionCOACH.  I’m an equity partner in a Madison-based ActionCOACH firm, which serves Madison, Fitchburg, Verona, Oregon, Sun Prairie and surrounding communities in Dane County and WI.  We’re very proud to be recognized within the Dane County business community as one of InBusiness Magazine’s Executive Choice finalists for Management Consulting (2009-2011), and regionally within the ActionCOACH community as "ActionMAN" Award Winners for commitment to growth and culture.   Our main products include: business coaching, executive coaching, and corporate training programs.


Think about it…                                    
every top athlete has a coach…
and so does every great business executive!

       Ready to learn more?

1.  Take our FREE "Business Health Check." Click here
2.  Call us and book a FREE 30 minute introductory meeting.  608-441-5374, or email me directly at  We’ll explore where your company is headed, challenges, and the key business opportunities that exist for your company.  I’ll also share a little more about me and our ActionCOACH firm on that call.  If you are interested in exploring coaching after that call, you have the option of setting up a second, 90 minute complimentary coaching session.
3.  Listen to ActionCOACH founder and global entrepreuner Brad Sugars on the business of coaching – a must see for entrepreneurs… 

What ever you decide, TAKE ACTION.  Nothing changes in your business until you take the first steps.


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